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Edge Vol 1

Your Price: $19.95
Item Number: CM01
Manufacturer: Chaosmen
EDGE Series Vol 1

Run Time: 52 Min
Scenes: 5
Models: 5
Genres: Condom,Muscular Studs/Jocks/Men,Cum Eating,Facials,Restraints
Directed By: Bryan Ockert
Starring: Jarrod, Cody, Mitch, Logan, Jonny.
UPC: 689076666657

EDGE SeriesTaking Porn to a New Psychological Level! A compilation of 5 never before released video vignettes - the "EDGE" series from thinks outside the porn box! Taking a "tried and true" formula of a dude getting serviced, accomplished viodeographer Bryan Ockert turns it upside down by adding layers of psychological elements. Blindfolded with their hands bound behind them with a feeble ribbon, these 5 straight men take us on a psychological trip through fantasy versus reality. The "EDGE" series leaves audiences with implied fantasy flashbacks. What's real and what's fantasy? Did our straight men take it up the ass? Did they suck down the hot, juicy cum that was fed to them? This is Chaos Men's best VOD seller! Customers have been asking for the DVD and now it's finally here.

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REVIEW from Fleshbot
Aside from his considerable talents as a photographer and editor, one reason why we think ChaosMen is the best of the current crop of amateur dude sites crowding the online porn scene these days (there, we said it) is because majordomo Bryan Ockert keeps coming up with new and creative variations on the same tried-and-true solo and duo (and occasionally trio) scene formula: his ongoing "Edge" series, in which models are blindfolded and subject to all sorts of deliciously erotic teasing, has just been released on DVD, and we're already looking forward to his promised "Zero to 60" compliation in which eleven of his models compete to see who can come the farthest in the least amount of time. If only all of his colleagues managed to keep things so interesting, we might be more inclined to actually pay for the porn we're looking at more than once in a while.

REVIEW from ManNet
This flick is unique and quite hot in what it does simply and effectively: a handsome guy sucking off five extraordinarily handsome men. Four of them -- Jonny, Mitch, Jarrod and Logan -- are young jock types with nice cocks, and the fifth, Cody, is a thirty-something knockout with salt-and-pepper hair and a hairy tummy. The sucker is not identified (he looks a bit like porn star Jake Taylor), but is an eager guy who sucks a mean dick. He blindfolds each guy as they listen to music on an iPod while they sit in a chair, each guy starts off flaccid and is quickly brought to full hardness by the sucker, who sucks and sucks and jacks and otherwise pleases their naughty bits until they spurt out gobs of cum -- it's truly a treat to watch him at work. Three guys -- Jarrod, Cody and Logan -- also suck the sucker's cock and get rimmed a bit (generally shown in a quick flash), the emphasis here is always on the suckees getting sucked off by the sucker's expert mouth (who also happens to posses a nice cock, by the way). All of the guys are smokin' hot, but Logan (the box cover model) was my favorite by far, and the most interactive with the sucker, and has a spectacular cock (the box doesn't do him or his cock justice, trust me).

REVIEW from TLAvideo.COM
Okay, I'm not gonna beat around the bush (or anything else) and I'm gonna come right out any say it: ChaosMen Edge Series Vol. 1 will go down as one of the hottest videos of 2007 - and yes it's only January as I write this. This thing is so simplistic in theory yet executed so damned well, I got off to it several times throughout its scant 52-minute running time. I'm not boasting or saying that to impress - I'm saying it as tribute to how ridiculously hot this fucker is!
A full play-by-play review will be posted soon - for now you can check out the press notes and our descriptive keywords listed below - but suffice to say I hope director/photographer Bryan Ockert keeps on making these things. (His hardbound book is quite good, too, but nowhere near as smokin' as this video.) My only complaint is that it was too short... I couldda watched three more hours and never have cum up for air. And probably would have suffered major chafing, too.
For sheer creativity and for being something slightly different yet still cum-drippingly stroke-worthy, I'm giving this bitch a four-star rating. "Chaotic... chaotic... put your hands all over my body!"
-Rick W. Ski

I love the slogan "disrupt. your. day." and I love the fact that Bryan Ockert, the guy behind, wants to get in your head and mess with it. Sexually.

EDGE Series, Vol. 1 contains five scenes from the ChaosMen Web site, featuring five models, who are presented as straight, and a sixth person, whom I'll call the conductor. I don't know Bryan, but I'm guessing it's him.

In each scene, the model, dressed, is seated in a chair. Earplugs are placed in his ears; they're connected to a video iPod with a straight porn clip playing. Then the model is blindfolded. Yeah, so the video screen of the iPod must be for the purpose of letting the viewer's imagination provide the sounds he thinks the model must be hearing.

The conductor then binds the model's hands together behind the chair using a ribbon. A sort-of virtual bondage, since a firm tug is all that's required to snap free. Next, the conductor slips off the model's pants, maybe after a kiss, or a grope.
The conductor then proceeds to titillate the model with stroking, sucking (he's good), perhaps a tweak or bite of a nipple. This continues until the model climaxes, with any attendant groans or screams.

But there's more. During the course of each scene, other images are inserted that are almost subliminal. These additional images, which appear for a second or slightly longer, show only the model and the conductor, but engaged in activities slightly different than the main action. Maybe the model is sucking the conductor; maybe the conductor is giving the model a lap dance; maybe the two of them are fucking.

Decide for yourself whether these flickering images suggest the road not taken, the model's fantasy, the conductor's fantasy, or a reality that's mostly being withheld from the viewer.

However you choose to think of it, in a genre where new niches are mighty scarce, Bryan Ockert has produced a hen with teeth.
~Onan the Vulgarian
Best of Phoenix Alternative Video Reviewer

From the liner notes:
"A compilation of five videos, the Edge series thinks outside the porn box. Taking a "tired and true" formula of a dude getting serviced, Bryan turns it upside down by adding layers of psychological elements - something that is missing in a lot of porn these days.

Each dude is blindfolded with hands bound behind them with a feeble ribbon. This implied bondage shows that the guy could escape at any moment, but holds himself in place by his own will - psychological bondage, rather than ropes and handcuffs.

The audience will be constantly surprised by fantasy flashes that will leave the viewer wondering if the simple blow job got out-of-hand, or perhaps the dude getting serviced (or the guy giving the blow job) is having a fantasy that "more" is happening."