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Serviced Vol 1

Your Price: $19.95
Item Number: CM02
Manufacturer: Chaosmen
Serviced Vol 1

Run Time: 120 Min
UPC: 689076666855
Scenes: 7 Scenes
Models: 7 All-American Studs
Genres: Young Studs/Stud Pups,Muscular Studs/Jocks/Men,Ass Eating/Rimming,Ass Play,Dildos,Facials,Oral Sex/Sucking
Directed By: Bryan Ockert
Starring: Rockland, Adam, Blair, Devon, Wayne, one mystery model and a bonus scene with JB

Chaosmen SERVICED - proving to straight guys that gay guys give better head! Take one nervous straight guy; put him in bed with a pussy flick playing and then watch as he gets Serviced - learning that head from another dude can be ten times better! Each guy gets lost in the moment as they clearly forget about their video and totally get into being Serviced in all ways. Each scene is 12-14 minutes of all out cock-sucking, ass-licking, cum-slurping action!

Features: Bonus scene

Serviced 1 is just as the title says incredibly hot, young straight guys getting serviced by one guy (Chaos Men's Bryan Ockert) on a huge comfortable bed. Ockert gets to stroke, suck and sometimes rim the willing and curious guys while viewers see the action from various angles in this well shot amateur film.
What I really liked about Serviced 1 is that it doesn't waste time getting to the point. There are no interviews, long stories about freaky or hottest sex, or if they've ever experimented with another guy. The most that's said before the action begins is "Are you ready?" Viewers will find no need to reach for the fast-forward button. Another good thing is how comfortable the models are. In some films like this, they are nervous, and have a look on their faces as if they shouldn't be doing this thing that's so pleasurable. But Ockert makes them feel at ease, which equates to cocks standing at attention ready to be sucked, and no one saying they can't perform in front of the camera because of nerves.
Each scene is pretty hot, but one of the hottest opens the film. We find Ockert undressing his model, who just happens to be blindfolded. Even though he's blindfolded, it's easy to tell he loves what the sucker is doing as he deepthroats and lovingly caresses the model's long and thick cock before shooting a load that the sucker samples.
Others like Rockland, a beefy bald guy with a fat cock, cocky Blair and Wayne stand out for several reasons. Rockland grabs hold of his sucker's head and forces it down on his enormous cock as if he's left his inhibitions about guy-on-guy action at the door. He is the most aggressive of the models, and instead of just letting the sucker do whatever, he takes control, and fucks the sucker's face, gyrates his hips and blows a huge load.
Blair looks like a cocky guy who has a smart remark for everything, while chewing his gum like Burt Reynolds, but then he takes off his clothes to reveal a smooth, taut body with a thick cock. The sucker makes Blair, and Adam in the previous scene, writhe uncontrollably in ecstasy, and gets him so hot he yells "Oh shit! Oh shit!" before shooting his wad on the sucker's lips.
Adam is the only model to use a butt plug, and Devon's scene has the only overhead shot, which is incredibly hot when he's spread-eagled on the bed, but it's Wayne who steals the show. From the moment he appears on camera, viewers will fall in love with this collegiate-looking jock. The sucker has him lay back while he sucks his very thick cock. While watching his face tense and relax in extreme pleasure, it's just as hot to see him flex his muscular arms, thighs, and incredible abs before shooting a load high in the sky that lands on his washboard abs. He explains how his girlfriend made him taste his own jizz (to his dismay) with a heartwarming chuckle that'll make viewers want to watch his scene repeatedly.
The DVD has a bonus scene with JB.
~ Harley Shadow