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The Best of Teo

Your Price: $19.95
Item Number: CM18
Manufacturer: Chaosmen
The Best of Teo
UPC: 736211379511
Item Code: CM18
Run Time: 125mins
Scenes: 8
Models: 9
Directed By: Bryan Ockert

Starring:  Teo, Maverick, Jayce, Gavin, Clay, Silas, Dalton, Stash, Dyson

This features the highlights of straight dude Teo pushing his limits for ChaosMen over the years. Unlike many of the straight guys that come to work for ChaosMen, Teo jumped in, eyes wide open, and of course, dick hard and eager to please the audience. Watch as he grows from nervous First Timer that only wants to Top, to a totally versatile player, who actually gets-off to being fucked. No one shoots a load so well-timed with his partner, and has consistently been ChaosFan's Most Favorite!